Watchman Productions


Quick Facts:  Shooting began on July 10th and completed on Aug 31st 2012

We used 6 locations.  My home, Audriana's brothers room, Jessica's parents home, My sister Corliss's hallway, the streets of Whittier California and of course The Hathaway Ranch Museum in Santa Fe Springs.

I want to say thank you to everyone for being so kind and helpful.

We have shot over 15 hours of video and over 80 scenes.

I expect the total running time to be around 90 minutes.

Alex and I spent a year developing the idea into a film treatment and then wrote the script in 3 months.

For us to have reach our goal of shooting a this film is a good feeling and we are eternally in debt to you all.

I can also say that God's hand was very evident to me along the way.

I believe it was Him that brought us all together and guided us through safely and successfully.

Thank you Jesus...for granting my hearts desire.

Father & Son summer project that began in 2012 and is still in progress...

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